Intrepid Capital Investments

is a private equity firm focused on residential real estate. Its portfolio is under the direction of David Lichtenger, a proven entrepreneur and executive with
over 25 years of real estate and construction experience. David has a well established track record in Non-Agency RMBS and residential real estate. He has
acquired well over 1,000 multi-family and single-family homes as long term assets.  David was previously a Co-General Partner in a buy and flip fund that
had an equity interest in over 4,000 homes.

Intrepid Capital Investments is also the General Partner of U. S. Residential Opportunity Fund, LP. The primary objective of U. S. Residential Opportunity
Fund LP, is to engage in the business of acquiring, renovating, and owning residential rental properties nationwide. The fund is currently focused on
acquiring properties in the Midwest, although it is exploring other markets.